I am a children’s librarian with a master’s degree in library and information science. My primary blog is Kaleidoscope49 but I started this one for topics that are specifically about children’s and teens’ literature and other library-related things.

The tab labeled Books goes to informal book reviews that I will write as I have time. I do not intend to post about every single book I read; I’m going to aim for about one a week. The Best of tab is for Best-of-the-Year lists. For now and for the rest of 2016, all I have there is my best of 2016 list. I included a tab labeled Other for anything I want to share that isn’t specifically about books.

The Library Storytime Review tab is where I’m asking for reader participation. If you have recently accompanied a child to a storytime program and have comments about it, feel free to leave a comment about it anyplace on this blog. (Comments do not appear until I approve them, so I will copy and paste them into a post on the Library Storytime Review page.) Please specify the library you attended, and either give your first name or let me know that your comment is anonymous. My hope is that, with readers’ help, I can accumulate enough information to make this blog a useful resource for people who are looking for good library storytimes in their area.

Other types of comments, such as your opinions about the books that I mention, are always welcome. I intend to also include plenty of polls for your participation and enjoyment. This blog is currently a brand new work in progress, so bear with me as I get it started and stay tuned for more content later.


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